Business Model Case Study: How Square is disrupting banks

 Business Model Case Study: How Square is disrupting banks

Check out our Business Model Case Study about Square on Slideshare to find how it is disrupting the banking industry. You find answers to the following questions:

  1. What about the banking industry in general?
  2. What is the business model of Square?
  3. What is their vision?
  4. To what trend are they connecting?
  5. What is the promise to the customer? What is the job you get done?
  6. How do they connect to their customers?
  7. How do they capture value?
  8. What products & services do they offer?
  9. What is their mindset, what are their skills and what tools do they use?
  10. What will be Jack Dorsey’s (CEO) next strategic choice?


After reading the case study ask yourself what you learned and what questions it raises for your own business model. Contact us for Business Model Case Studies customized to your strategic issues.

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