Business Modeling Workshop materials

 Business Modeling Workshop materials

During our workshops, masterclasses and trainings we use all kinds of visual tools: lot’s of flipover paper, markers, post-its, templates like the Business Model Canvas, the Value Proposition Canvas, the Empathy Map. We mainly order our materials at Stattys and Neuland.


Stattys develops and markets versatile, mobile and lite communication tools for visual planning and presentation, handwritten communication, sketching and visual problem solving. It uses recyclable material that attaches naturally to almost any surface without glue. It can be removed and reused multiple times. At Stattys you can order the Business Model Generation Toolkit, different canvases, and instruction manuals.


Neuland stands for creative and effective communication. For over 40 years it has offered a complete range of top-quality training and workshop materials; from unique refillable markers to innovative pinboards. All  products are designed and manufactured at a German plant to ensure the highest level of quality control. At Neuland you can order flipcharts, markets and other visualization tools, like the bikablo® booklets.

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