Erik van der Pluijm, Creative Designer at Business Models Inc. and Thirty-X Creative Support & Visual Strategy, helps (corporate) organizations, startups and (management) teams design new business models by applying creative thinking and design thinking techniques. He guides the creative process and storytelling efforts for clients and takes care of the visualization of business models, visions, roadmaps and other templates.

Erik’s specialization is to bring design to a new level by combining it with business. He has an extensive experience in the High-Tech & Gaming Industry. In the past, Erik was lead artist on the Sony Playstation 3 title Killzone 2 where he built a 3D art team and prototyped development and outsourcing processes for the PS3’s next-generation graphics. He also founded a high-tech startup specialized in multi-touch technology and worked for Mirabeau and Guerilla Games. Erik speaks English and Dutch.