Workshop Visual Meetings (Amsterdam)

  Thursday 29 October 2015 Workshop Visual Meetings (Amsterdam)

Visualization is a powerful way to make ideas concrete and actionable and create a common language. By making your meetings more visual you will increase creativity, productivity and playful exchange for serious work in groups.

During this workshop, you learn how to implement and use powerful visual tools.  You and your team will communicate about complex issues and strategic themes more effectively and engagingly, unlocking formerly untapped creative resources for business success. You will start working with graphic recording, visual planning, story boarding, graphic templates and your own icon and template library. You will be able to start your first visual meeting right after the workshop!


Block 1: The Power of Visual Meetings & Storytelling

  • Energy, commitment, fun, bigger picture
  • How to organize a visual meeting? From idea to result

Block 2: Graphic facilitation: easy ways to get started

  • The graphic alphabet, symbols and icons. Do it yourself
  • Working with visual templates and tools: calendar, roles, rules, results and action

Block 3: Co-creation and involvement

  • How do you involve your team and transform your group processes?
  • How to design a meeting with impact? How do you get the result you want?

Block 4: Visual Storytelling & Visual Strategy

  • Translate vision and strategy into a visual story that inspires, is easy to understand and encourages action
  • Use templates like the Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Designer and Storytelling Canvas 

Book Visual Meetings & markers

This workshop is based on the method of Business Models Inc. and the book Visual Meetings by David Sibbet. Business Model Inc. is co-initiator of the Dutch edition of the book. During the workshop you will receive this book (€ 43,-), and a set of markers.

Participants & speakers

This workshop is interesting for everybody who wants to use visual thinking during (strategy & innovation) projects, consultancy, processes and meetings. The workshop will be delivered by the Business Models Inc. team and takes place at Business Models Inc. (Endemol Studios, Amsterdam, The Netherlands). Take a look at some pictures of our last workshops.

What did participants say?

“Very innovative and inspiring! I will start tomorrow with my first visual meeting!” Monique Rakemann, Regional Management, Stichting Boog

“This day inspired me to use visualization techniques in my daily work even more” Hans Santegoeds, Project Transformation, Bouwinvest

“Practice, practice, practice and helpful tips in between. A very inspiring workshop”Joep Brouwers, Vice Director, Brainport Development

“The workshop forces you to think about how to express ‘the world’ in simple images and make it easy to understand by everyone” Marleen van Steeg, Senior Change Manager, ING

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