Wanted: local partners for our global network

 Wanted: local partners for our global network

‘My ambition is to build an international design practice on business model innovation’ says Patrick van der Pijl, CEO of Business Models Inc. ‘I want to serve local and global businesses through a new way of working based on new tools, skills and mindset’. Are you that local partner we are looking for?

Building a global network of local strategy designers

Patrick van der Pijl started Business Models Inc. – a design company on business model innovation – 5 years ago after he produced the now worldwide bestseller Business Model Generation together with Alex Osterwalder. The company is based on a new business model for consulting: No hourly rates but clear deliverables, co-creation with customers to achieve great results, no written reports but only visual tools. Since then, Business Models Inc. helped more than 400 start-ups and over 300 companies globally. Companies like Toyota, 3M, Microsoft and ING love this new way of working. So what is next? ‘I believe in building a strong global network of local strategy designers and consultants who really add value to their clients. A global network that helps us share knowledge, serve our global clients and introduce our method to organizations around the world’, says Patrick van der Pijl.

30 Business Models Inc. offices in 2020

Almost daily, we get requests from all over the world from consultants who want to be part of our network and become a Business Models Inc. member company. ‘We now have partner-offices in Taiwan, Australia, Romania, UK, Turkey and the US and I want to build a network of 30 offices globally in 2020’, says Patrick van der Pijl. But not just anybody can become a partner. Both in our international and Dutch team, we have learned that, working with our method of new tools, skills and mindset, takes time. You need the so-called 10.000 hours to become a successful facilitator. Besides being an awesome facilitator, you also need to be a sales tiger and at the same time fully satisfy the needs of our customer.

How can you join our international network?

We learned that you need to have a basic set of skills to make sure we can set you up for success:

  • Around 15 years of working experience of which at least 8 years in consulting
  • You are about to start your own business at this very moment
  • You understand business strategy, have entrepreneurial skills, understand design thinking and are able to work visually
  • You are able to adopt the fixed fee model and get rid of your hourly rates, have a strong local network and a commercial mindset
  • You are able to have strategic conversations at c-level, are a rockstar on stage and you have a strong ambition to grow your Business Models Inc. company by applying new tools, develop new skills and create new mindsets.

Do these criteria fit your profile? We would like to get to know you! Please contact Marije Sluis, who is responsible for our international partnerships, by sending an e-mail to marije.sluis@businessmodelsinc.com  and let us know who you are. After our first selection, we would like to meet you (and your team) personally and see if we can work on a client project together to find out if we share the same values. We hope to meet you soon!

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